History of the Regina Coin Club

The Regina Coin Club was founded in 1953 with five members, two of whom celebrated 50 years of continuous membership during the Club’s Golden Jubilee in 2003. At the present time, we have 65 memberships covering over 100 members (including Life, Family, Adult and Junior Members). The Club was one of the first in Canada to support the Canadian Numismatic Association, being the sixth to join. The Club has twice hosted the Annual Convention of the CNA in 1959 and 1985.

The Regina Coin Club issued a series of attractive Trade Dollars from 1984 to 1991, each of which has a portrait of Queen Victoria on the obverse (taken from Henry Lee-Grayson’s famous medallion portrait on the Albert Memorial Bridge in Regina) and various Saskatchewan landmarks or events on the reverse.

Subjects commemorated were:

1986-Regina Transit-Click to Enlarge 1986-Musical Ride-Click to Enlarge
1988-Rosary Cathedral-Click to Enlarge 1989-Regina Hospital Service-Click to Enlarge 1990-Curling in Regina-Click to Enlarge
1991-Co-op Elevators- Click to Enlarge 1993-40th Anniversary-Click to Enlarge  
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In 1986, the Club published “Aspects of the Numismatics of North America,” the proceedings of a symposium held in conjunction with the CNA Convention. The book contains a variety of articles on the coinage, paper money and medals of Canada, the United States and Mexico and includes a comprehensive study of the campaign medals of nineteenth century Canada.

Aspects of the Numismatics in North America-click to enlarge
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In 2013, the mark our 60th anniversary, Her Honour the Honourable Vaughn Solomon Schofield, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, became the Honourary Patron of the Regina Coin Club. Her successor, His Honour the Honourable Tom Molloy, is now the Honourary Patron of the Regina Coin Club.

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